If you are a broker or owner looking to sell a property please review our preferred property attributes, submit your contact information and we will get in touch with you promptly.

Preferred Property Attributes

  • Communities with 150 or more sites located in an area with strong demographics and growth potential
  • MH Sites large enough to support modern manufactured homes
  • Economic occupancy of 65% or greater
  • Well-kept streets with curb and gutter are preferred
  • Public water and sewer
  • Community owned homes are acceptable

Benefits of working with YES!

  • Honesty and integrity through the discovery and negotiation process.
  • Flexible terms including closing all cash and closing quickly.
  • Potential for equity and cash deferred transactions to help relieve potential tax burdens.

Please send investment packages to:
YES! Acquisitions
1900 16th St, Suite 950
Denver, CO 80202

If you are interested in selling your property or would like to learn more about YES! Acquisitions, please fill out the form below.