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Make these updates to your home to help beat the winter blues

As winter carries on, we’re often forced to spend most of our time indoors. Days spent under the shining sun, with warm air and natural light flowing through windows and trees, are replaced with flourescent lighting and the steady stream of hot air from our homes’ vents.

Winter, then, has earned a bleak reputation. It conjures up images of cloudy, gray skies and frostbitten noses. But the reputation winter should really have is one of coziness and connection.

Right in the middle of winter are the holidays, a time for getting together with loved ones and friends. It also brings about the new year and a chance for fresh beginnings. These holidays offer up scenes of gathering around the fireplace, a warm meal, and a stack of blankets to snuggle underneath.

Winter is a wonderful time to embrace these opportunities to slow down, head inside, and spend time on the people in your life and the things you love doing. Your activities in the winter are a reflection of the season and your home should be an oasis from the harsh weather outside. 

We’ve put together a few ideas on small changes for your home that will make it cozier and more inviting for the winter months.

Upgrade Your Throws and Blankets

Nothing beats snuggling up under a warm blanket. Whether it’s down insulated or a thick fleece, a blanket keeps you cozy on those cold nights. If you don’t have a throw ready to go on your couch, it’s time to pick one up.

They’ll make curling up in a chair with a good book that much more enjoyable. Or you’ll want to stay snuggled up on a snowy Sunday for a Netflix marathon session.

When they’re not in use, a throw is also a great accessory that can be used to decorate your home. Draping it over the back of a couch or having it folded up underneath the coffee table adds a homey element to your decor.

Light a Few Candles

If you can’t light a fire, light a candle. In the winter candles add warmth and aroma to your home with the relaxing flicker of the flame. On especially dreary days you can light a few throughout your home and the warm glow will lift your spirits.

If you’re especially missing summer, you can even pick out a few candles with beachey and warm scents. If you are ready to embrace winter, the smells of pine, fig, and evergreens will get you into the spirit of the season.

Change Your Bulbs

Light has a large influence on how we feel and can change our mood in an instant. Fluorescent lights are a common type of lighting in offices and home and are an inexpensive option. The problem though, is that fluorescent lights don’t give off the full spectrum of light. The sun, on the other hand does. And when we don’t get the full spectrum of light by being in our homes or offices all day, it throws off our circadian rhythm and can make it difficult to go to sleep at night.To prevent this, light bulbs that emit a fuller spectrum of light should be used.

Additionally, some lights are also very white, or in some cases emit a blue light. In the evenings, these lights can look harsh. Instead, find lights with a warmer color. They’ll add richness to your home and won’t strain your eyes as much.

Pick Up a Few Indoor Plants

If you can’t go outside, bring the outdoors in. Adding plants to the inside of your home is not only a beautiful way to decorate, but adds earthy, relaxing elements to your living spaces.

Plants also help to clean the air - something that is extremely valuable when you have to leave the windows and doors locked shut during the cold months. If you’ve ever noticed your home getting stuffy and the air feels dirty, bring in a plant and let it convert that stale air into fresh oxygen.

In the winter, be sure to find indoor specific plants that don’t require a lot of sunlight to thrive. Their ease of care will reward you with their lush foliage.

If you are a pet owner, you’ll also want to make sure the plants you buy are pet friendly. That way you and your furry friends stay safe and comfortable!

Put Down a Rug

Wood floors add a bit of elegance and texture to a home. But while visually they add warmth to a room, depending on the season, wood floors can be cold to walk on. This is especially true in rooms that use tile. Both materials do not retain heat and stepping on them can send a chill through your feet.

To maintain the look of a wood floor without the occasional discomfort, use rugs to break up the space and add a comfortable place to stand and walk. Rugs are a wonderful design element and also add coziness to a space depending on the style. A high pile rug will allow your feet to sink in in comfort. A low pile rug is easy to maintain and vacuum, yet still provides a wonderful feeling when walking across.

Rugs can be added to fill a room or in areas you walk. Measure the different rooms and spaces in your home to see what types of rugs might fit, then have fun choosing the colors, patterns, and textures that fit your style.

Try on Some New Pajamas

While all of our other ideas involve your home, this one involves you. With the candles lit and a good blanket to snuggle up under, the last thing you need on your list is a pair of cozy pajamas. They’ll cover you from head to toe in warmth and you’ll love wearing them so much you might wish winter lasted a little bit longer.

Beat Those Winter Blues

Add some warmth to your home with our tips on beating the winter blues. Have some ideas of your own that worked for you? Share them in the comments below!

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