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halloween safety tips

Kids love candy and they love costumes, making Halloween one of their favorite holidays of the year. It’s hard to beat coming home with a bag full of candy and getting to put on the outfit of their favorite characters and superheros. But with the holiday festivities usually taking place at night, and sometimes in areas you’ve never been before, it’s important to make a few safety considerations. Keep Halloween sweet and safe this year with our safety tips for trick or treating.

Create a Friendly Costume

While you’ll always want to create a great costume for your kids, their safety should always come first. These are a few things to consider when putting together their outfit for Halloween.

Ability to See

Masks can be easily bought, but may make it difficult for your child to see or even breath. Ideally makeup can be used to mimic a mask, or one can be chosen that leaves ample space for their mouth and eyes.

Flexible Props

If your child needs a prop, like a sword for a pirate costume, make sure this prop is soft and flexible. Even though a harder plastic prop is safer than the real thing, it can still hurt them in certain scenarios. Most stores should have kid friendly props that bend when touched.

Comfortable Attire

You’ll be walking around for at least an hour or so and this can get uncomfortable in certain shoes, especially if they are a part of the costume. Make sure what you and your kids are wearing are footwear you can withstand for long periods of time.

Stay Visible

You’ll most likely be trick or treating at night due to the sun setting earlier in the fall and most people not being home to pass out candy until after work. This means you’ll need to take a few extra steps to remain visible in the low light.

The easiest way to be seen is through reflective articles of clothing. This can be either a small vest or even velcro bands that can be strapped to ankles and wrists. Cyclists and runners often use these minimalist reflective accessories and they won’t impair you or your child’s mobility when trick or treating.

Even better than reflective apparel is to add lighting. Some costumes may even require glowing embellishments making it a perfect excuse to not only create a unique, fun costume, but also one that is safe and visible.

In addition to what you wear, it is always best to carry a flashlight. You’ll be able to light up the walking paths and areas around you as well as signal to drivers and other trick or treaters that you are there.

Travel in Groups

It’s always much safer to trick or treat in a group than it is by yourself. Even if it is just you and your kids, if you can find other parents to travel with the whole group will be more visible at night. It’s also fun for your children to see other costumes and share theirs with their friends.

Plan a Route

It can be tempting to head out the door and start trick or treating right away, but planning out a route ahead of time will save you from straying too far from home or going to places you never intended to go. With your kids excited about collecting more candy, pretty soon you’ll be four neighborhoods away and it will be later at night. With a planned route you’ll know where you can go and how long it should take.

Be sure to share this route with other family members and friends so if they want to meet you along the way they can easily know where you might be.

Check the Candy

When the night of trick or treating is over, you’ll want to check your children’s candy before they start to eat it. When inspecting candy, look for damaged packaging, out of date food, and even candies that are blatantly unhealthier than the rest. They’ll already be consuming a lot of sugar so if there are a few you can toss ahead of time it will help to minimize their intake.

Halloween Safety

Staying safe at Halloween doesn’t require you to take away all the fun. With some proper planning, creative costumes, and strategizing with friends and family, you’ll have a successful evening of trick or treating.

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