Preparing Your Home For Baby’s Arrival

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Get your home ready for your newborns arrival

Starting a family of your own or growing your family even more is an exciting time. You have the opportunity to bring a new life into this world and watch them grow up and explore.

Before you bring your new baby into your home after they’re born, you’ll want to make sure everything is ready for them. A little bit of preparation now will go a long way in giving you more time and energy to spend with your child over those first few months.

Below are a few tips on preparing your home for when you bring a child into your life.

Clean and Organize Your Home

When all of your time is being spent focusing on baby, it will be hard to keep everything clean and organized. Get your home tidied up now so you won’t have to deal with as much later. Any clutter that does start to form will also be more manageable since it won’t be on top of what was already there.

If possible, you can also come up with a process for cleaning. Soon, your countertops will be filled with bottles and emptied containers. Not to mention your hamper which will be loaded to the brim with baby clothes, towels, and blankets. If you give these items a place and time for cleaning, you can work through the mess a lot faster. Designate a specific day of the week or even part of the day you can get to them. And since babies are unpredictable and don’t always stick to schedules, make sure that when they’re down for a nap, the bottles are in one place and the sheets are in the washing machine so you can quickly get everything cleaned that needs it.

Beyond the dishes and blankets that need washing it is also helpful to keep cleaning wipes nearby. Babies can be messy and you won’t always have time to wipe up a mess when it happens. Having cleaners out and ready to go will make it that much easier to get to when you have a moment. When looking for cleaners to use, find those that are safe for your little one. Look for natural wipes that use plant based ingredients and are safe around baby. Often times you can find kits that contain wipes, a surface cleaning spray, and soap making sure you’ll be ready for anything.  

Get Ready for Visitors

The moment you make the announcement of having a baby the potential visitors will begin to line up at your door. Everyone wants to see your new little one and help out where they can. While having a few extra sets of hands will make your days easier, each of these visitors will need a place to stay in your home.

Before the time comes, get any spare rooms and accommodations ready to go. If you don’t want to set the beds or completely prep each room, even setting out sheets, towels, and pillows will go a long way in making their stay at your home easier for you. You won’t have to worry about finding those spare sheets while juggling feedings, play time, and settling down baby for a nap. Everything will be ready to go for your family and friends while they’re meeting your new bundle of joy.

Create a Nursery

While your newborn will be spending most of their time by your side, they will need a nursery. Getting it all set-up beforehand will make sure you don’t have to juggle taking care of baby at the same time. It will also give you a chance to have some fun creating it. You can take your time picking out the wall art, adding shelving for all of their fun books, making a diaper changing area, and building their crib.

When picking out the room for their nursery, you’ll want to find a room that gets a lot of natural sunlight throughout the day. This will help with your babies sleep cycle as their internal clocks start to figure things out.

You’ll also want to find a room that is shielded from noise. Being next to the kitchen or common area may make it difficult for baby to sleep when trying to rest. A bedroom at the end of your home or in low traffic area is the best bet.

Prepare your Pet

If you already have a child at home in the form of a furry pet you’ll want to give them a chance to become acquainted with baby. Even before you head home with your little one you can have a family member bring home clothing or blankets with babies scent on it. This will get your pet used to the new smells so there won’t be any surprises.

When you do bring baby home, take it slow. Depending on the temperment of your pet the introduction may be easy or cause stress for your pet. They haven’t had anyone or anything to compete with, so they’ll need to get used to having something else there to divert your attention.

Babies are also sensitive to pet fur and dander, so be sure to keep exposure to a minimum. This way you can slowly introduce your baby to your pet, but also prevent any irritation to them.

Share Your Tips

Do you have any tips of your own for preparing your home for baby? Leave them in the comments below and share them with our readers!

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