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manufactured home vs tiny house

With the rising costs of homeownership, especially within urban areas, it can be tempting to look into alternative options to buying a traditional home. One of these options is a tiny home. While a standard home may be a few thousand square feet, a tiny home takes minimalism to the extreme with most being between 100 and 400 square feet.

A tiny home contains all of the essentials - sleeping quarters, a kitchen, and a bathroom - but there is less space between each of these areas. So while the livable area may be smaller, they’re still gaining popularity across the nation. This is because they can be inexpensive, easier to maintain, and more environmentally friendly due to their lower usage of materials.

There are other options though if you are looking to spend less on a home, but still want the amenities and luxuries of a larger home. One such example is a manufactured home. Not only will you get a home at a comparable price, but you’ll also have the benefit of a flourishing community that provides numerous benefits to you and your family.


If you live by yourself or as a couple, the size of a tiny home may work. Once you begin to grow your family those few hundred square feet will begin to feel cramped, though. With a manufactured home, you’ll have at least double the square footage of even the larger tiny homes to start. At YES!, we have manufactured homes that feature 2 bedrooms and 2 baths coming in around 900 square feet. The best part? The cost is equal to or less than what a tiny home might be.


At first glance a tiny home would seem like an inexpensive alternative to a standard stick-built home. This is true, until you start to add up the costs to build or buy a tiny house. On average, a tiny home may cost around $25,000 with a brand new, fully completed tiny home ranging between $35,000-80,000. These costs come from the specialty appliances and finishing materials. In most homes you can buy an appliance from the store and it will fit. In a tiny home, smaller appliances are required and these specialized furnishings cost more.

As an alternative, a manufactured home will cost a similar amount to a tiny home, with prices starting around $25,000. So even though the assumption can be made that a tiny home is cheaper than a traditional home, if you decide to buy a low cost home with enough space for you and your family, a manufactured home is a great option.


One major benefit of a tiny home is that you can put it anywhere. If you have a small plot of land a tiny home can be placed there. Because of their small square footage you can be versatile with where you decide to live.

With a manufactured home from YES! you’ll be limited to one of our communities, but we have 179 communities across 17 states. This allows you to find a home in a desireable area, often with many location options in major cities across the country.


In a tiny home, the amenities you have are up to you. Adding more could potentially raise the cost of your home or in some cases you’ll have to do without due to space limitations. In a manufactured home you’ll have access to more amenities within your home and within your community. In both types of homes you can have easy parking, a storage area, and accessible public transit. But in a manufactured home your list of potential amenities can include a community center, playground, swimming pool, fitness center, and dog park.

Tiny Home vs a Manufactured Home

While a tiny home can be an inexpensive option that provides a simpler way of life, make sure it fits the lifestyle you want. In most cases you’ll be able to find more space and a longer list of features with a manufactured home, all at a comparable cost to a tiny home. See for yourself with our Find a Home tool. You can easily discover homes near you that fit your budget and lifestyle!

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