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Residents of Antelope Ridge in Colorado Springs, CO are showcasing what it really means to build community.

Twice a week, over a dozen residents from the Antelope Ridge residential community come together to purchase and deliver meals to the homeless in Colorado Springs. The group prepares bagged lunches with sandwiches, granola bars, crackers, fruit, and water bottles. The kind-hearted residents meet on Tuesdays and Fridays to package the meals, and then delivers the lunches, among other items, every Wednesday and Saturday to the homeless in the greater Colorado Springs area.

The residents’ charitable efforts evolved from the ministry work of resident Garrey Allen, Senior Pastor at the Antioch Community Church in Yoder, CO. Garrey and his wife started feeding the homeless nearly a year ago, inspired by the 300 less fortunate residents whom regularly visit Garrey’s church for food and other resources. The Allens were initially purchasing and delivering the lunches on their own accord, out of their own pocket. Garrey’s neighbors in Antelope Ridge took word of the work he and his wife were doing in the community and started buying lunch items to donate to the cause.

The kindness of these few individuals spread to the fellow residents of Antelope Ridge, sparking action across the community. Currently, about 15-20 residents volunteer to purchase items for the lunches, package the meals, and deliver to the less fortunate in Colorado Springs. One pioneer of the community’s involvement in the cause is resident Reathea Banner. Reathea reached out to Antelope Ridge’s community manager to inform him of the volunteer work her and her neighbors were doing. Reathea proclaimed, “All of the volunteers feel it is a worthwhile project in this day and time.”

The residents of Antelope Ridge are demonstrating to all of us that we build community when we inspire one another to come together and work towards something for the greater good. They show us that we all rise when we lift up the ones around us, no matter who they are. The heart of a community forms by the hearts of the people in it.

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