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Learn how to contact the YES! Communities customer service channels to get issues resolved.

At YES! Communities we are dedicated to providing our prospects and residents with excellent customer service. If a prospect or resident has an issue or concern we want to ensure they know the proper channels and ways to reach the appropriate team members to expedite the process and get resolution as soon as possible.

Our goal is to resolve concerns as soon as possible and in order to make that a reality is it is important for residents to follow the following steps: 

1. Communicate or report the issue to the community managemen team. 

Regardless of the concern or issue and whom the resident contacts, the community management team will be contacted in order to obtain all information and details at hand in regards to a particular issue or resident concerns. 

2. Request a Regional Contact Business Card from the community management team. 

If the community management team is unable to address or resolve a particular concern, a resident should request a Regional Contact Business Card from their community team. This business card will include a phone number and email address for the community's regional management team. The resident should call or email the regional management, they are the second line of our resident relations program, and they will be the appropriate party to help find a resolution. 

3. Contact the Resident Relations Coordinator via phone or email. 

Should a resident issue or concerns remain unresolved after they have reached out to their community's regional management team they can contact our home office Resident Relations Coordinator via 303-483-7300 and press 1 or email Should a phone call go to voicemail, a resident should leave a detailed voicemail with the following details to ensure their concerns is addressed in a timely manner: 

  • Name of Community 
  • Name of Resident
  • Lot Number or Address 
  • Specific Issue or Concern

If a resident follows the steps above, our team is confident they will reach a timely resolution or answer to their question. We value feedback from our residents and if there is a glitch with our customer service process we are interested in hearing about it so that we can continually approve, please report any such glitches to


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