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Follow our mobile home buying checklist to make house hunting easy

Making the decision to buy a house is a big step and should be an enjoyable and exciting experience. You’ll be finding a place you can call home. Somewhere you can go to feel comfortable, spend time with family and friends, and enjoy for years to come.

To make finding and buying your manufactured home simple, we’ve put together a quick checklist for you to follow as you begin your search. These are just the first steps, but will help you start in the right direction.

1. Decide on a neighborhood

One of the most important items to consider when buying a manufactured home is choosing where to live. Purchasing a home is an investment that you’ll be in for years to come, so living in a neighborhood you love should not be overlooked.

When thinking about where you want to live, consider how close it is to work, if it is near where you spend your free time, and how close it might be to family and friends in the area. Finding a neighborhood that is in an area you already spend most of your time makes getting around town much faster.  

2. Choose the Size Mobile Home you Need

Once you’ve decided on a neighborhood or area you’d like to live in, the next step is determining how much space you need. If you are a single resident or a couple, you might only need a one or two bedroom home. If you are a family, or planning on starting one in the future, you’ll want to look for something a little larger that you can grow into.

It’s important to not only consider your current situation, but also your wants and needs in the future. Manufactured homes come in a variety of sizes and multi-bedroom homes are available. So, no matter your needs, you’ll be able to find a home that fits them!

3. List out the Features Important to You

Besides the size of your home, you should also think about the features and amenities that you’d like in your home. Many mobile homes are part of a larger community where you’ll be able to use a wide selection of amenities on-site. Knowing which amenities are important to you will help you narrow down your search for a community you’d like to live in. If a community center or pool are something you might like to use, make sure the homes you are looking at have one available.

Also look at the different layouts and styles of each mobile home. If you’d prefer a large, updated kitchen, make that a priority.

4. Determine your Budget

The last step before starting to look for a mobile home is determining your budget. While most homes are listed at their total price, you’ll be paying on a monthly basis. Take a look at your finances and determine how much you can spend a month and set that as your maximum price. There are lots of online tools available to help you figure out your budget based on your income and existing expenses, or you can contact us to discuss pricing options.

5. Start House Hunting

Now to the fun part - house hunting! Start with the neighborhood you’ve selected, then begin looking at mobile homes in that area that meet your size requirements and budget. Then, once you have a few you like, narrow them down by the amenities available and the different features of each home.

At YES! we’ve made the house hunting part simple. Head over to our Find-a-Home page and enter your preferred location, the number of beds and baths, and start looking! You’ll also be able to narrow down homes based on amenities and conveniences nearby.


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