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Decorate for fall with pumpkins, leaves, and flowers

With fall just around the corner, you’ll want to get into the spirit of the season with decorations around your home. Thinking of fall, or autumn, conjures up images of pumpkins, leaves changing colors, and magnificent feasts with friends and family. Bring all of these wonderful symbols of fall into your home with festive decorations indoors and out.

When to Start Decorating for Fall

Fall is the time of year when the air starts to get a little cooler and the seasons begin to transition from summer into winter. The beginning of fall is marked by the September Equinox which is typically between September 21st and the 24th. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to wait until the end of the month to start decorating. With winter and colder weather coming soon you’ll want to enjoy your fall decorations as long as possible. Anytime in September seems like a good time to start with your fall decorations.

Decorating Inside for Fall

Bring the warm colors of fall indoors with some inspired decorations on your table, mantle, and throughout your home.

Using Pumpkins for Decor

Always a fall staple, pumpkins are the perfect centerpiece or accent to any fall decorations you have inside your home. Place a small pumpkin on your kitchen table to go along with your other decorations, or cluster a few together in various shapes and sizes as a centerpiece.

If you use a larger pumpkin, you can even cut out the middle and place a can inside to hold a bouquet of flowers. These larger pumpkins can also be placed on the stairs, on your coffee table, a dresser, or almost anywhere you need a hint of fall.

Autumn Table Decorations

With most fall traditions centered around the dinner table, you’ll want to bring attention to it with beautiful decorations for the season. To start, you’ll want to add a striking centerpiece. This can be done with pumpkins, like we’ve mentioned earlier, or you can make your own with flowers, bountiful fruits and vegetables, and other fall foliage. Accentuate this with candles for a warm glow and other elements from harvest season.

Then, pick out dinnerware that matches the season focusing on earthy colors and textiles with texture. All that’s left is to gather your friends and family to enjoy your seasonal spread!

Fall Mantel Decorating Ideas

The mantel is a blank canvas when it comes to fall decorating and can be dressed up in a variety of seasonal elements. Elegant vases can hold goldenrod or wheat to create a seasonal display of fall foliage. Add in pinecones that you can collect from your yard and faux leaves for the perfect touch. Then, bring it all to life with a flickering candle on a candlestick or in a votive. The warm flame casts the perfect fall glow and if you get scented candles you’ll get to experience not only the sights, but the smells of autumn.

Decorating Outside for Fall

When you’re decorating for fall outdoors you have more room to work with. This means you can really use your imagination and bring the best of fall to your front porch, windows, or around the exterior of your home.

Front Door Decorations for Fall

For you, or anyone coming to visit your home, the front door is the place that will be seen the most. Take the time to get your front door fall decorations right and pick the perfect pieces. As always, pumpkins are a great choice to get started. You can leave them as-is, or have your kids carve them during a fun night with the family. Lanterns are also a nice touch and can be used to hold candles or even be filled with pinecones, small pumpkins, or gourds.

Next, add potted plants around the door, up any steps, or along the walkway. These plants and flowers will add pops of color amongst the warm oranges and browns of the other fall pieces. For a finishing touch, add an autumn wreath to the front door with red and yellow leaves and vines.

Fall Window Decorations

While your front door may steal the show, you can also add some autumn decorations to your windows to create a more cohesive look. Paper bag luminaries are a nice touch and can be handmade with brown bags from the store. For only a few dollars you can cast candlelight through luminaries you and your family design.

If you have a window box they’re perfect for adding fall foliage and seasonal plants to. With so much orange and yellow from the pumpkins and leaves, add scarlet flowers as a standout accent.

If you and your kids want to add a whimsical touch, your windows are the perfect place to put fall or Halloween themed window clings. They can make fun holiday scenes and it will be the perfect compliment to the rest of your decorations.

Decorating Ideas for Fall

This fall, get creative with your decorations and bring out the best of the season around your home. Hopefully our ideas will get you started and along the way you’ll come up with decorations of your own! Tell us about how you decorate your home for fall in the comments below.

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