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moving into your manufactured home

You’ve just been handed the keys to your new home and it’s time to move in. But what do you need to do to get ready to make the move?

Before you Move

There are a few steps you’ll want to take before you move. This involves packing and taking stock of all of your belongings. You’ll want to make sure that everything can be safely moved from one home to the next.

Pack and Consolidate Your Belongings

Before your planned move in date you’ll want to start packing up your belongings. This way you can take inventory of everything you have and it will all be ready to go when it’s time to move. Packing also presents the perfect opportunity to trim down your belongings. You’ll most likely find clothes, decorations, or other things that you haven’t touched in years. Sell or give these items to goodwill and you’ll lighten the load when it comes time to box it all up.

Find a Mover (or DIY)

If you don’t have the time or want to make the moving process easier, look into hiring a moving company. They can come by, pick up your boxes and furniture, and quickly deliver it to your new home. Many items in your home are heavy and the team of movers can make light work of everything you have.

If you are wanting to make the move yourself, at a minimum renting a UHaul or similar vehicle will make things easier. Rather than trying to fit everything in your car, or make multiple trips, you can rent a truck for a few hours and move everything at once.

While You’re Moving

As you start to move in there are a few additional items to take care of to make it as seamless as possible. Because your address is changing you’ll want to make sure your mail is still delivered. You’ll also need to get insurance setup and now is the perfect time to make any initial updates to your home.

Change Address with the Post Office

During the moving process you’ll want to make sure your address on file with your banks, insurance company, or anyone else is up to date. This way you won’t miss out on any important mail. In the case you missed something, updating your address with the US Post Office will ensure it ends up in the right place. This address update usually only lasts a few months, so use that time to update your information across all accounts.

Set up Internet and Utilities

Make sure that when you move in your home is ready to go by setting up your utilities. This usually involves getting setup with your local energy company and choosing an internet provider. For internet, you can either set it up yourself or have the company come in and install the hardware needed to get connected.

Get Homeowners or Renters Insurance

Protect yourself and your belongings with homeowners or renters insurance. By having a policy, you’ll be covered if any damage occurs to your home or your belongings inside. Having this coverage is especially important if you live in an area that can have harsh weather, including hail, snow, or thunderstorms.  

Check Plumbing and Electrical

Before completely settling in you’ll want to make sure all electrical and plumbing throughout the home works. If there is something wrong, it will be easier to remedy the issue in an empty home versus one with all of your furniture already moved in. This is especially true if anything needs to be re-wired or any plumbing needs updating.

Do a Deep Clean

With nothing yet moved into your home it’s the perfect time to clean! Even if it is a brand new home there may still be some dust from the construction. With nothing but empty spaces you’ll be able to get into all the crevices and corners easily.


If you ever want to paint your walls, now is the time to do it. Normally you’d need to move your furniture and cover it. Instead of waiting, mask off any edges and get to painting without worrying about moving anything out of the way.

Check Smoke Detectors and Get Fire Extinguishers

Make sure all emergency systems and tools are good to go and don’t need replacing. Most smoke detectors can easily be tested right on the device and be sure to have spare batteries handy if they need replacing. For the fire extinguisher, check the gauge near the nozzle. If it needs to be replaced or refilled, get that done now.

Once You’re Moved In

With the hard parts over, you can start to settle into your new home. Below are a few final steps to help you get moved in!

Figure Out Trash & Recycling

Each community will have a different schedule for trash and recycling. Check with your community manager or front office for what days trash and recycling are picked up so you can be sure to have it ready.

Landscape Your Yard

Once the inside of your home is organized, you can turn to the yard and start to add some landscaping. It will make your home truly feel like yours and add some unique touches. For tips on landscaping your manufactured home, check out our article on landscaping your home.

Get to Know Your Community

The best part about moving somewhere new is getting to know your community. Meet your neighbors, take part in community events, and spend some time in the parks and play areas near your home. You’ll get acquainted with your new community and meet your amazing neighbors!

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