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6 Events to Bring Your Neighborhood Together this Spring

How exactly do we build community? Where do we start? Bringing a neighborhood together can seem like a big task to take on. However, there are many ways you can personally inspire connections with the people in your community. One great place to start is by reaching out to your neighbors and discussing what events they would be interested in having in your neighborhood. Trust us, it’s easier than it sounds! Below we share 6 easy events, that cost little to no money, that your community can host this Spring.


  1. Host a holiday celebration
    Holidays bring people together; any type of celebration can really foster the community spirit! Reach out to your neighbors and plan a St. Patrick’s arts and crafts day or Irish-inspired potluck; a neighborhood Easter egg hunt or an Easter egg decorating contest for all ages. Make sure to communicate with your community management team to help facilitate the event.
  2. Put on a movie night
    This can be a regular event your community participates in. Engage with interested neighbors and plan a weekly or monthly movie night, coordinating a schedule for who will host and when. Each house that hosts gets to pick the featured movie. Don’t forget the milk duds and popcorn
  3. Start a garden club
    As Winter begins to melt away, now is a great time to think about how you can brighten up your neighborhood. You could gather people to start a community garden, shop for house plants together, or research local environmental events you and your neighbors could attend. Reach out to your community management team and ask if there’s an open area for you all to plant a small garden or a couple flower beds.
  4. Host a yard sale
    In the spirit of Spring cleaning, you could inspire people to gather their antique or excess belongings and come together to host a community yard sale! This can be an event of real value for the whole community, and a fun way to meet and bond with your neighbors. Make sure to include your community management team in planning the yard sale, as they can coordinate the event and encourage residents of the community to attend.
  5. Create a neighborhood babysitter’s list
    An aspect of community building is establishing a support system between you and your neighbors that you can count on in your times of need. Be a resource for one another and create a neighborhood babysitter’s list of people you could utilize for any child care needs. This could be a schedule of available babysitters in the area, or a simple list of names and phone numbers your neighborhood could use for after-school care, nightly care, or weekend care for anyone needing an extra hand. Share a copy of the list with your community management and they can put the list up in the office or around the community.
  6. Schedule a neighborhood cleanup
    Improving the quality of your neighborhood can inspire a new sense of appreciation and value for your community. Reach out to your neighbors and community management team and plan a cleanup day for your neighborhood. This is something anyone and everyone could participate in. Grab some rubber gloves and garbage bags, work together to clean up any trash in your neighborhood. Commemorate your hard work with a neighborhood picnic afterwards.


These are just a few ideas that could jumpstart your efforts in building community in your neighborhood. With any events you wish to plan, just make sure to communicate your ideas with your community management team. Any small step you take to make your neighborhood a better place can inspire others around you to do the same. Some people simply need an example of positive change to take action, and it can start with you!

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