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Kenwood Landing Community and Local Vendors Assist in Home Renovation for Resident Veteran

YES Communities 06/17/2021

Kenwood Landing, owned and operated by YES Communities, completed a 100% volunteer-led, Hug-A-Home renovation project for a long-term resident in the community.

The team of volunteers was organized by Bill Wolfe, a maintenance lead at Kenwood Landing. Bill has been with YES Communities for over 13 years and prior to joining YES, served in the US Army as a Field Artillery Mechanic and Drill Sergeant. Bill asked for support and volunteers from 13 YES owned communities in the region, as well as local vendors and was thrilled about the overwhelming response.

“I was so shocked when I came home and saw how much was done in so little time. I showed my daughter and she asked if I was at the right house. I could cry I am so happy. Thank you everyone that did all of this work in such a short time for me. I really appreciate it,” said Larry Berry, a veteran from the US Navy and long-time resident.

Hug-A-Homes are generally completed with the help of local vendors. Jeff Switz, owner of local

company Kenyan Construction, donated the labor for the new front and back deck. Local volunteers from Team Rubicon, a veteran-led disaster response organization, supported the project on the ground via their Neighbors Helping Neighbors program, an initiative encouraging volunteers to perform individual acts of service in their communities.

“Team Rubicon's typical role is disaster response. We recently helped clean up after the tornadoes in Newnan, GA and currently have a group in Baton Rouge mucking out houses that have been flooded. Not all of our volunteers can take a week off on short notice, so Team Rubicon has a Neighbors Helping Neighbors program that empowers us to find ways to serve closer to home,” said Patty Kurz, a volunteer leader from Team Rubicon “When I learned that YES Hug-A-Home was being done for a veteran, I knew it was something Team Rubicon Greyshirts (what we call our volunteers) would love to assist. As one of the Atlanta area volunteer leaders, I sent out the call for people and, within two days, I had all the volunteers I needed. Working alongside YES employees, our team was able to complete the entire project in half the expected time. We had a rewarding day of dirty work and fun! All while building relationships among our Rubicon team and with the YES Communities team.”

YES Communities team members donate hundreds of hours of time to serve their own communities and help those who need it most. Hug-A-Home is a part of the YES We Care program, which has invested over $370,000 in assistance to residents, team members and local organizations since 2018.

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