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Calling all YES Residents:

Singers and Musicians Wanted!

Send us your best track and enter for a chance to win $2,500 in new music gear. Contest runs from 9.28.2020 to 10.19.2020.

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  1. The winner will be selected by October 20th, by the producers of the What Living Means Podcast.
  2. The winner needs to be a current resident of YES in good standing.
  3. The winner must have filled out the entire Survey Monkey questionnaire.
  4. If the entrant is under 18 years old, the entrant will need their parent or guardian to provide the What Living Means podcast producers written permission to enter the contest.  Such written permission can be sent to
  5. If in a band, only one member of the band must be a YES communities resident.
  6. The winning resident will receive a $2,500 gift card to Guitar Center.
  7. By completing the survey (a) entrant confirms that the entrant owns the copyright for the submitted song, and agrees to indemnify Yes Communities and its affiliates for any claim of copyright infringement and (a) entrant authorizes Yes Communities to play the submitted song on the What Living Means Podcast, and on the Facebook pages of Yes Communities and its affiliates.
  8. We will notify the entrant via their community manager if the entrant is selected as the potential winner.

Thank you!

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