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YES Communities Donates $5,000 to Veteran's Organization

YES Communities 05/26/2021

Memorial Day is a sacred day we take to honor and mourn the U.S. military personnel who have died in the course of carrying out their duties. YES Communities is committed to supporting our veterans today and every day and showed that commitment by donating $5,000 to Team Rubicon, a veteran's organization founded U.S. Marines William McNulty and Jake Wood.

YES Communities’ donation comes in response to extended drought conditions that have increased wildfire risk in Colorado for the spring season. Team Rubicon’s volunteer disaster relief teams work with Colorado firefighters on wildfire mitigation projects, including clearing dead trees and brush from forests that pose a significant fire threat.

Aiding in the coronavirus recovery effort, Team Rubicon recently supported a COVID-19 vaccination site in Denver that saw over 5,100 patients with limited access to healthcare resources.

“We stand in awe of the work of Team Rubicon and appreciate their dedication here in our home state of Colorado. Through continued sacrifice and service, they have donated their valuable time and resources to protect Colorado and beyond from natural disasters, such as the fires we encountered last spring.” said Steven Schaub, CEO of YES Communities. “YES Communities is delighted to support their efforts and we salute their service and honoring our veterans through purposeful community efforts when they return from active duty.”

YES Communities has also partnered with Team Rubicon in other cities that help reinvigorate YES resident owned homes in need of repair through the YES We Care Hug a Home Program. YES Communities’ donates over $200,000 annually in local community and charitable causes.

Listen to an interview with Team Rubicon’s Dave Glatfelter on YES Communities’ What Living Means Podcast:

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