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Simple Outdoor Renovations on a Budget

YES Communities 05/20/2019

This time of year is best spent outside and if you have a patio or outdoor space you won’t have to venture far to relax in the sunshine. Before you head out you may find your patio spaces needs a little updating. Either your furniture is looking a little worn or you just haven’t gotten around to getting any yet. You may also want to add some extra color and are not sure how. To help, we’ve put together a few tips on decorating your patio on a budget so you can turn your outdoor space into a relaxing oasis.

Start with Organizing

Instead of rushing to the store to buy something new, work with what you already have to revamp your outdoor space. Often times just reorganizing what is already on your patio can make a large impact on your space.

Think about how you want to use your outdoor space, then move furniture around to fit those needs. If you find that either a reorganization doesn’t work, or your specific pieces just aren’t right, then it’s time to replace them with something you’ll like better and enjoy using even more.

When shopping for updated patio furniture, start somewhere like Habitat for Humanity ReStore. Save some money on outdoor accessories by checking out their selection of used patio furniture. Most of what they offer is ready to go or can be refreshed with a simple coat of paint.  

Paint and Restain

Outdoor spaces, and any outdoor furniture and accessories, can look fairly weathered even only after one year. During the summer the hot sun beats down on furniture and the patio itself, causing paint to peel and crack or finishes to look dull and worn out. In winter, the moisture from the wet rain or snow can soften wood, causing it to warp.

Freshen up your outdoor space with a few coats of paint or stain and not only will it look better, but you’ll help protect everything from the elements for the years to come. When shopping for paints and stains look for those that are waterproof and feature some level of UV protection. Stores like Home Depot have a wide selection of colors and types to choose from. Using these paints will prevent them from fading in the sunlight and the waterproofing will keep moisture out.

Now is also a good time to change the color of anything you paint. Whether you choose a darker stain for your wood furniture or paint them a fun, bright color, you can breathe new life into your existing outdoor accessories with a few hours and some paint.

Create Shade

With your patio furniture looking great and your outdoor deck renewed with a fresh coat of stain, it’s time to create some shade so you can enjoy your patio all day long.

A simple way to block the sun is adding a large umbrella. These can be purchase as a stand alone piece or can be a part of a table or outdoor dining set. Either one will provide you a shady oasis to get a break from the sun and most patio umbrellas can be had for less than $50.

If you’re looking for something a little more natural, find a decent sized tree to provide a little extra shade. Depending on what you choose you can either plant it or place it in a large pot. Look for trees that are at least 6 feet tall and have dense foliage to help block the sun. Something like a Japanese Maple or a smaller palm tree will provide plenty of shade while remaining a manageable size. For something a little larger you could choose a Red Oak. Start with one only a few feet tall so it will be cheaper than a fully grown tree and let it grow over the years.

Add Planters & Containers

Create an inviting outdoor space by adding plants, creating bold splashes of color on your patio. Flowers and other plants can be potted in larger containers so you can create beautiful displays of a variety of plant types. Some plants are also natural insect repellants so not only will you be able to decorate your patio, but you can also keep mosquitos at bay by planting marigolds or citronella.

When choosing planters for your patio, considering using those that are made from plastic or composite materials. Ceramic pots can be more expensive and, on the rare occasion they are dropped, can be fragile. A plastic pot will be able to stand up to moving around and getting bumped and in most cases they’re designed to look exactly like their ceramic counterparts. And when it comes to their price, a plastic planter will oftentimes be less than half the price of a comparable ceramic pot.

Accessorize your Patio

Add some finishing touches to your outdoor space with a few accessories.

Updating or adding lighting will allow you to extend your outside time into the evenings. Solar lighting can be set around your outdoor space to keep the ground lit and added into planters for an extra pop of decor.

To make sitting outside more comfortable, pick up a few furniture cushions for your chairs. Online you can find a variety of sizes and colors or you can head to your local home improvement store for more options. These cushions are typically water and weather proofed so you can count on them looking great and staying comfortable year round. Most patio furniture cushions come with straps so they’ll stay in place.

One final piece to add is an outdoor rug. These add color and texture to your outdoor space and are even helpful on really hot days. While your deck may be too hot to walk on barefoot, the rug will feel just fine. Choose a rug to accessorize your outdoor space or even use it to cover your whole patio. Plenty of sizes are available and you’ll find rugs made from different materials depending on your budget. Woven rugs will be more expensive, but you can find synthetic rugs that are just as comfortable for a lower price.

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