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What Are The Requirements For Joining A Mobile Home Community?

YES Communities 02/01/2020

Becoming part of a mobile home community has many benefits you will not find with a traditional home. Benefits of mobile home communities may include: community pools, playgrounds, basketball courts and more; organized activities and programs including after-school programs, holiday celebrations and summer camps for children; and lower living expenses so you can afford everything you need and more of what you want! You may wonder what criteria must be met to join a mobile home community; there are some basic guidelines that residents must abide by to ensure every community is a GREAT place to call home. Below are some of the guidelines for calling a YES! Community home:

  1. Clean Rental History: The primary leasee should have a clean rental history with no prior evictions, this is a standard practice applied across both the apartment and mobile home industry.
  2. Stable Employment: The residents of the home will be required to provide history of employment with the same employer or within the same industry of at least six months or more.
  3. Proof Of Income: Each party on the lease over the age of 18 should be able to provide proof of income either through pay stubs, tax forms, bank accounts or employer verification.
  4. Clear Criminal History: All residents over the age of 18 should prove through a background check a history clear of any felony or property damage crimes.
  5. Verifiable Identity: All parties on the lease will be required to provide sufficient proof of identity through a social security number, driver’s license, work permit, or other form of personal identification.
  6. Pet Specifics: All of our communities are pet-friendly, however specific communities have regulations on  animals permitted in order to stay in compliance with city ordinances and other local regulations.

We at YES! Communities pride ourselves on saying YES! to our residents and prospective residents! In order to maintain the highest standard of living for our residents we do require certain guidelines to be met by our residents.

We do encourage each and every person who is interested in renting or purchasing within one of our communities, to contact the community office regardless of their situation or personal history. If there is a way, we would certainly love to say YES! to you too!

Thank you!

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