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Palmetto Palms Community Resource Day a Huge Success!

YES Communities 08/20/2019

On August 3rd, our Palmetto Palms community united with local organizations to provide the residents with a Resource Day Event. The intention of the event was to offer the community with safety knowledge and brochures while including fun and entertainment for all ages. A few of the vendors and groups that were in attendance included the Fire and Sheriff departments, members of SCCADVASA (South Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault), Richland School District One, Sistercare, Sowing Seeds into the Midlands and many more.

The event proved to be successful with over 100 members of the community in attendance. There were goodies and treats handed out, as well as a Hula Hoop contest and grand prizes given away. Members of the Fire and Sheriff’s Department came out to not only serve food but join in the fun with the community. It was an amazing testament that the Palmetto Palms Residents are committed to their community. The Community Manager of Palmetto Palms took home the Crime Watcher Excellence Award that is held at the highest honor for the Fire and Sheriff Departments. Thank you to all of the residents, vendors and community members in attendance!





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