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Mobile Home Myths

YES Commmunities 01/01/2019

Mobile homes are poorly manufactured.

  • Wrong! Manufactured housing is regulated by The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development also known as HUD. Since 1976 manufactured homes have been monitored and evaluated against HUD’s Federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards, commonly referred to as the HUD Codes. HUD continually evaluates and revises standards to ensure manufactured homes remain a safe place to call home.

Mobile homes are constructed with low quality materials.

  • False! Mobile homes are manufactured with the same quality of materials site-built homes are constructed with, the only difference is mobile homes are not built on-site they are built in a controlled environment out of natural elements and reach of vandals.

Mobile homes are more likely to catch on fire.

  • Not True! The HUD codes include extensive requirements for fire retardant materials, at least two exterior doors, and large windows in each bedroom, as well as smoke alarms. Site-built homes do not even have this strict of requirements. A study by the Foremost Insurance Company found site-built homes were actually twice as likely to catch fire than mobile homes.

Mobile homes are easily destroyed by tornados and hurricanes.

  • Incorrect! HUD codes have specific requirements for wind resistance in manufactured homes depending on their geographic location. Homes placed in areas more susceptible to tornados and/or hurricanes require a Level 3 wind zone resistance of up to 110 mph.  The regulations for mobile homes are equal to or more rigorous than the regulations on site-built homes when it comes to wind resistance.

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