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Spring Cleaning

YES Communities 05/10/2022

Did you know there is a national day for cleaning your room?  We didn’t either! Since it’s still technically spring-cleaning season, those who haven’t gotten started can use this day as an opportunity to get going, and those that have finished spring cleaning will appreciate how much easier deep cleaning makes regular, every-day cleaning!

Deep cleaning is important to do every once and a while because life is messy!  There’s lots of sneaky places for dust, dirt, and single socks to hide away never to be found (until you really go looking).  Need some motivation? Here are some suggestions of how and where to deep clean your home.


Looking through a dirty window is never ideal, but since one side of them faces the great outdoors and the other side faces fingerprints and dust, they do get dirty.  Hoses are a great way to rinse the outsides of windows (make sure they’re closed!), but to get a streak/spot-free shine, you can use a commercial cleanser or home-made solution of vinegar and water after you scrub them with a soft brush or rag and rinse.  Since there’s usually a lot less dirt on the insides of windows, a soft cloth and cleaning solution usually does the trick.


You may have wall-to-wall carpet or singular carpets around the house.  Either way, they’re very good at collecting dirt and dust, and they can be difficult to clean thoroughly.  If you have pets, carpets get even more traffic.  Usually, a good vacuum is enough.  If you decide to go the whole nine yards, you can get a professional to come deep clean your carpets. For an option that’s easier on the budget, many hardware stores also rent out carpet cleaners for a few hours at a time.


Power washing is a great way to freshen up the siding on your home.  For the roof, clearing off any debris and inspecting the roofing tile (replacing any that are broken), recoating metal, and cleaning out gutters. Since the roof is, well, the roof, take care if you decide to climb up there.  There are also professionals you can hire if it’s in your budget and you’re not a fan of heights. Some quick actions include wiping down the front door and mailbox and checking underneath your skirting to make sure there aren’t any extra residents down there (if there are, animal control is a call away).

Finally, if you find that you have a lot of clutter building up, you can always choose to donate the things you no longer need.  Be it an extra sweater or a rug that you don’t like as much anymore, someone else will appreciate it!

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