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YES Communities 02/15/2021

Music in Creating Community

At YES Communities, we understand that music is an integral part of the human experience, whether you are a classically trained pianist or just belting out tunes to the shampoo bottles in the shower.  Even for those of us that aren’t musically inclined, music brings folks together across language and geographical barriers. Music connects people across time as well. We can feel the heartbreak in dust bowl era blues standards as if it were yesterday. This applies to people in all communities, and affordable, manufactured housing is no exception.

On the Episode 3 of the “What Living Means” Podcast, we interview Andy Lane, a gifted songwriter and licensed professional counselor. He helps his clients navigate heartbreak and loss and reconnect with their emotions through music. He gives us some helpful tips on how to stay engaged with our creative side and avoid writer's block writer's block.

Affordable Housing and Creativity

Affordable housing is critical in fostering creativity. When musicians and artists are not operating out of fear about paying the bills, they are able to tap into a higher level of thought and creativity.  Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs begins with the need for food, shelter and safety. As you move higher on that spectrum, you are able to create art. This just one more reason that YES Communities is proud to provide affordable housing options to our residents across the United States. We commit to investing in our residents by providing friendly, inviting neighborhoods so that, together, we can create communities we call home.

Writers Block

Andy believes that the number one cause of writer’s block is burnout. The one way he has found to stop this burnout? Engaging in play.

When Andy faces writer’s block, he changes the medium of what he is doing. In one example, instead of trying to write music, he decided to go home and cook. Upon finishing the dish, he felt the confidence to pick up his guitar. By introducing play and simplicity, he was able to stop his writer’s block: “Walk away from this and go do something that grounds you and is not done out of fear”.

A Special Announcement

Calling YES Musicians! We are thrilled to announce our first annual YES Communities Music Resident contest, where we selected one talented Resident to win $2500 worth of new music gear. We are proud to have such incredibly talented Residents living in our communities across the country. To find out the winner and hear her song, listed to Episode #4 of the “What Living Means” Podcast.

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