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Get Out and Play!

YES Communities 08/14/2020

YES Communities believes in the importance of living an active lifestyle, beginning with the opportunity to play sports as a child. In the YES Podcast, What Living Means, we explore the benefits of youth sports with the major league soccer club, The Houston Dynamo and the Aspen institute which focuses on Youth Activity research.

Woodland Estates

Woodland Estates, a YES Community located in Houston, Texas, is a prime example of how our communities strive to build healthy lifestyles through sports. Danilo Arce, a Woodland Estates resident, volunteers his spare time coaching and providing mentorship to 40+ kids who live in the community. YES saw the potential and decided to step in with and revitalize the soccer field with new turf, bleachers, and goals. Now, the kids have an ultramodern field on which to play soccer, while aspiring to one day become professional soccer players for the Houston Dynamo.

Community Amenities

YES Communities prides itself on providing amenities that encourage residents to get outside and engage with others. Our pools are one of our most used and most beloved amenities, and are instrumental not only in gathering families together, but also providing kids with the opportunity to get in their physical activity swimming during warmer months.


Resident gathering areas are also popular in our communities. In some of our parks, residents put up volleyball nets and stay active and outside for hours. Multigenerational common area play spaces are also trending as they appeal to everyone: from bouncy balls for the young children to climbing walls and basketball hoops for all ages. 

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For more information on getting active with YES Communities, listen to our podcast:

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