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Dwelling at New Braunfels: YES Communities Newest Community

YES Communities 09/24/2021

We are excited to announce that construction on YES Communities first ever, ground-up development is underway! Specifically, construction on site infrastructure, namely streets and utilities, continues for YES Communities development, Dwelling at New Braunfels. 

This brand new community, located in New Braunfels, TX will not only redefine what affordable housing looks like, but also close a gap in the housing marketing within the area. The 2021 median home price in New Braunfels is over $340,000. This causes many workers in the region to live in remote areas and commute over an hour each way for retail and hospitality work. The Dwelling development will offer new, affordable housing within city limits, making it easier and more cost effective for workers to live near their place of employment. 

The Dwelling will feature modern home designs with natural finishes, not typically thought to be available in existing manufactured housing. YES Communities internal team, in collaboration with a team of vendors, is spearheading the design of the community’s facilities. The design elements will reflect the aesthetic of the area, and will incorporate elements such as wood, iron, and leather textures. It’s design inspiration also borrows from the local German influence and pays homage to Texas heritage.

Dwelling at New Braunfels will also boast resort-style amenities such as a jogging trail, beach pool, fitness center, playground, dog park, and amphitheater.  

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