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Spring Community Events

YES Communities 09/21/2022

What comes to mind when you hear the word community? Probably phrases such as common interests, neighborhood, or a sense of belonging. Whether renting or buying your manufactured home, YES Communities team members work hard to maintain that sense of belonging. Over the past couple of months, several of our affordable housing communities have been going above and beyond by hosting some fun and exciting events that brought our residents together. 

Community events are parties, fundraisers, volunteer opportunities, or even a coffee meet up that give our residents a chance to get out to meet their neighbors and community employees.

With school starting many of our communities hosted end of summer events to celebrate/get their younger residents ready to head back to school. 

Van Buren Estates, one of our communities in Belleville, MI, hosted their second annual glow pool party to celebrate the end of the summer. It was a huge hit! Around 70 people stopped by throughout the night. They had glow sticks in and around the pool, fun lights, and music. It was a successful event for the kids and the adults. It brought the community together and gave the kids one last night of summer fun before heading back to school.

Our Westbridge Manor & Westbrook communities in Macomb, MI hosted an event where they helped the kids in the community pack a backpack. These two communities provided all the back-to-school essentials their younger residents would need before heading to class. It was a great way for the residents to get to know each other while also making a difference.   

With events like these and other community events that are hosted throughout the year by our communities, we strive to provide our residents with a great neighborhood, a sense of belonging, and the opportunity to get to know others that share their common interests. 

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